Casali Supersoft Pro Turf for Channel 7


Casali Supersoft Pro Turf for Channel 7

Casali Supersoft Pro Turf (ITF Class 3 medium) was used to lay the two new tennis courts of Channel 7, the historical Thai Television Network (also known as Bangkok Colour Television) in Chatuchak, Bangkok.

Channel 7 started broadcasting analogue transmissions in 1967 (switching over to the digital system in 2014), and today with two studios in Chatuchak and Bangkok, covers eight countries (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia).

Casali Green 202 and Casali Blue 302 were used to finish the 1,350 sq.m. tennis courts. The Supersoft Pro Turf sports flooring system, consisting of an SBR granule and 100% acrylic resin compound with exceptional binding properties, specifically formulated for indoor and outdoor courts, ensures outstanding technical performances and resistance to UV rays.

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