Chile, Casali’s Polyroof used to “restyle” the stadium

New waterproof stands for the football stadium in Castro (the third oldest city in Chile), and capital of the Greater Island of Chiloé. Casali's waterproofing step-steady Polyroof System was used to cover all the public seating areas of the stadium, and was chosen to ensure the required resistance to abrasion and UV rays in a structure that hosts sporting events with a great turnout of spectators, in a location at one of the lowest latitudes in Chile. The 2800 sq.m. stadium was finished in Casali Grey 401 colour. Casali's Polyroof system was laid by applying the primer Epobase A on the previously repaired cement deck; Polyroof, a self-levelling waterproofing polyurethane resin was then applied. The system was completed by applying a highly resistant coloured finish: Polytop.

For more information on the Polyroof system, please contact Casalisport Technical Support - info@casalisport.it.

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