Solvent-based aliphatic two-component polyurethane finish

Pavicolor is an aliphatic polyurethane finish used to protect polyurethane type sports surfaces such as self-levelling surfaces (Pavisint) or as protection and colouring for shockproof surfaces realised with Black SBR.

P102 - oxide red
P201 - oxide green
P208 - spring green
P209 - pale green
P302 - sky blue
P311 - dove blu
P312 - mint blue
P313 - pastel blue
P314 - bright blue
P401 - silver grey
P408 - dusty grey
P409 - iron grey
P410 - stone grey
P456 - sandy beige
P801 - ochre brown
P803 - autumn brown
Other colours available on request (for minimum production batches)


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