Italian Skating, Champions Challenge each other on Rollertop

The Italian Skating Championships will be held in Pollenza (MC) from 2 – 4 September this year on Casali flooring. The track of the Casette Verdini “Gilda Leoperdi” roller drome in Pollenza where the event is to be held was completely renovated by the resurfacing the deck and application of Rollertop, the new skating system, formulated with the latest generation of acrylic resins, developed by Casali’s Synthetic Division especially for top level competitions. The flooring, which is certified by the Italian Hockey and Skating Federation, offers excellent grip and low friction, and has been judged, according to the tests carried out and opinions gathered (the track was inaugurated on 17 and 18 July with the competitions of the 3rd “Gilda Leoperdi” Memorial Trophy which drew more than 200 athletes from all over Italy to Pollenza), as highly performing and very attractive (thanks to its colours: blue, sky blue and red). From a technical point of view this is a very important track since it has a competition-certified 200 metre x 5.5 metre competition ring as well as an inner 2 meter deceleration ring and a 100 sq.m. central area for other categories (fledgings and beginners). The Championships are organised by ASD Rotellistica Juvenilia of Pollenza by mandate of the FIHP and will be attended by 115 teams and a total of more than 600 competing athletes. You may watch all the finals and semi-finals on the FIHP website in live streaming and, on Saturday 4 September, the Championships will be broadcast live by RAI SPORT and RAI SPORT 2 from 16:30 H to 18:00 H and from 20:30 H to 23:00 H. www.rotellisticajuvenilia.it www.fihp.org For more information on the new Rollertop system please contact the Casali Technical Office.
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