Supersoft Doppio for the Champions of the Guzzini Challenger

The competitors of the 21st edition of the Guzzini Challenge Tennis Tournament held in Recanati from 14 – 22 June, played on two Casali courts. The historical Marche Region Francesco Guzzini Tennis Club founded by Giannuzzo Guzzini which for years organises and promotes the Tournament opted for a Supersoft Doppio surface (laid by Cepiemme, Falconara) which guarantees an especially fast game. The Tournament, which is a fundamental first stage for ATP tournaments for many internationally famous players, is the only Italian Challenger Tournament played on cement courts and over the years has launched many world famous tennis players.The Argentinean Zeballos won the 21st Edition of the Tournament scoring 6-3 and 6-4 over the Slovenian player Zemlija, after beating the other competitors in seven consecutive wins. Once again the Casali brand is associated to international tennis, with the added satisfaction of doing on its “home ground”.
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