Acrylic resin based coloured coating formulated to protect and colour asphalt cycling tracks, surfaces and lanes

Colorsint is a acrylic resin based coloured covering in water emulsion applied on asphalt surfaces for the realisation of cycling and pedestrian-cycling tracks, fast tracks, parking areas, etc. The product is resistant to abrasion, weather, ultra-violet rays and to the aggressive action of fuels in general. The main advantages of this product are: - Highly resistant to lubricants - Available in a wide range of colours - Protects the asphalt surfaces from excessively high/low temperatures - Increases the life of the asphalt flooring - Highly resistant to abrasion and U.V. rays - Very stable colours - Easy to lay - Apply cold - Resistance to fuels (Road Experimental Centre ANAS S.p.A., Reference Method: AM – GEN – M - P 0017 – PAR 6.5) The product is suitable only for moderate and local traffic; transit of heavy vehicles is not recommended. Colorsint may also be applied on cement surfaces but in this case consult the Technical Office of Casali S.p.A.

102 - red
201 - green
202 - dark green
302 - light blue
303 - blue
319 - deep blue
151 - orange
413 - grey
502 - violet
507 - iris violet
Other colours available on request (for minimum production batches)


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