X as in XPadel!


X as in XPadel!

The wait is over!

Our Research and Development laboratory has dedicated a great deal of time and effort to designing the most innovative and complete solution to give players what they truly want, and today we are proud to present XPadel, the new sports surface dedicated to Padel and the many fans of this incredible sport, often known as the rebel brother of tennis.


Thanks to XPadel’s specifically designed layers, where as always Casali Sport’s resins play a leading role, the unique XPadel system has been designed with the obvious intent of differentiating itself from the more standard surfaces on the market, while maintaining and improving the performance athletes demand at any competitive level.

An XPadel court is not only extraordinary from a strictly technical point of view (perfect ball bounce, proper sliding, surface uniformity etc.), but also for its incredible playing comfort, ensured by excellent energy absorption (KA) that protects joints better.

Casali’s innovative Sport XPadel flooring system is not only safe, but also a point of reference in terms of finish. The wide range of standard colours available, and optional colours on request, make it possible to customise courts with the greatest precision according to existing courts or any other need of the sports club, or the specific requests of private customers.

What’s more, just like any other resin court, an Xpadel court is made to last over time and may be renewed simply by retopping, without having to demolish or re-lay existing surfaces.

All this is just a very brief preview of what makes XPadel so rewarding for Padel players and sports clubs alike. It is not by chance that we added an “X” to its name - to indicate the innovation factor that makes it unique and different from any other court, ready to bring new and strong emotions to sport.