Anti-trauma and playground surfaces - Outdoor

Athlon PG System is an in-situ anti-trauma flooring system mde with a base layer, consisting of a mix of SBR Multicolor granules and a single component polyurethane binder Athlon 45 and a finishing layer consisting of a mixture of colored EPDM granules and a single component polyurethane binder Athlon 99. The high elastic properties absorb shocks, cushion the impact following a fall and minimize the risk of slipping, making the proposed system a safe surface, suitable for coating and securing playgrounds, play areas and entertainment surfaces for children. The Athlon PG system is tested according to the EN 1177 by the IISG in different thicknesses with relative drop heights.

EN 1177 - Compliant (European Standard)
EN ISO 16000-9 Certified - Indoor Air Quality - Emission test
Compliance with Minimum Environmental Criteria (MECs) - UNI EN ISO 14021:2016
IISG - tested
P102 - oxide red
P201 - oxide green
The colours presented refer to EPDM (other colours available on request)


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  • download Athlon 45_EN
  • download Athlon 99_EN
  • download EPDM Granule_EN
  • download SBR Multicolor Granule

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