Casali Sport, “your strongest supporter” for 30 years


Casali Sport, “your strongest supporter” for 30 years

2022 has been an important year for Casali Sport.

The full recovery of the market and the unexpected growth in demand for our floorings have been increased thanks to our constant commitment over the years, our unfailing efforts to provide even higher levels of training (for our agents and those who use our systems) and the ever increasing number of relationships in the world of sports, which are a constant source of pride and affection for us. However, there are three main events that we wish to remember in particular as we come to the end of 2022:

- the thirtieth anniversary of Casali Sport and therefore of our production of sports flooring systems. During these years we developed not only technically and acquiring unique experience and expertise in the field of resin sports flooring at an international level, but also as human beings, which is perhaps our greatest success;

- the test event on our floorings for athletics, in May this year, which was attended by Fidal Marche, Biomoove, Ecopneus and ten of the formidable athletes of the Italian National Athletics Team, whom we thank, and who pushed us towards new technical and technological perspectives;

- the first Casali Sport Social Media campaign “Your Strongest Supporter” featuring Gianmarco Tamberi, the Italian Gold Medal high jump winner at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, winner of the 2022 European Championships and the 2021-2022 Diamonds League, and Flavia Pennetta, the Italian tennis player and champion of the 2015 US Open. It was an honour to associate our brand to these two champions who are extraordinary sports talents as well as also people of great worth with solid principles. They enthusiastically shared with us their experiences as athletes and as people in contact with athletics tracks and courts. Inj this occasion, our sports court was the protagonist of the campaing, together with these champions. A surface that becomes a track, or a court, that allows athletes to turn their performance into success, is the best supporter you can possibly have both when facing hard competition and even when training or playing less demanding sports. For those who wish to see the campaign again, here are the links to watch the interviews with Gianmarco Tamberi and Flavia Pennetta;

We are ending 2022 as a year that we will remember, with many projects that have been completed and others that are ready for the year ahead; with many new courts and tracks in the world and new partners and friends, including operators, clubs and sportsmen. During 2022 we also welcomed new arrivals to our internal and external staff, and our thoughts go as they do every year to our mentor, Elvio Cardinaletti, who in that distant 1992 gave birth to the Casali Sport line imagining that it would become an important international reference in the world of high-level sport.

And thanks to all of you for making us what we are today.