Colorsint WS

Colorsint WS

Concentrated coloured acrylic resin based coating formulated to lay cycling lanes on asphalt decks

Colorsint WS is a coloured concentrated acrylic resin based in water emulsion developed for cycling tracks, bicycle and pedestrian walkways, fast tracks, car parks, etc. The product is abrasion resistant, weatherproof, resistant to UV radiation and to the aggressive action of fuels in general. The main advantages of the product are: - High resistance to lubricants - Available in a wide range of colours - Protects the asphalt surface from high and low temperatures - Increases the life of the asphalt surface - High resistance to abrasion and UV rays - Excellent colour stability - Easy laying - Cold laying - Resistance to fuels (Centro Sperimentale Stradale ANAS Spa, Reference Method: AM – GEN – M- P 0017 – PAR 6.5) The product is suitable only for moderate and local traffic; heavy vehicle traffic is not recommended. Colorsint may also be applied on cement decks but in this case please consult Casali's technical office.

102 - red
201 - green
202 - dark green
302 - light blue
303 - blue
319 - deep blue
151 - orange
413 - grey
502 - violet
507 - iris violet
Other colours available on request (for minimum production batches)


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