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Confosport FL is an evolution of the Confosport system and is designed as a high performance sports floor that resolves the problem of decks on which mats cannot be glued in total adherence due to problems such as the absence of a vapour barrier or poor deck consistency. The mat is glued on a high quality compact PVC waterproofing/stabilizing deck containing special glass fibres that make the system dimensionally stable while ensuring independence from the deck. The Confosport system is classified by the ITF in Class 3 (medium).

Compliance with Minimum Environmental Criteria (MECs) - UNI EN ISO 14021:2016
ITF 3 - International Tennis Federation - Class 3 Medium
Grand Court System
Fire Resistance - class Bfl-s2
National Institute of Public Health - National Institute of Hygiene - approved
508 - pink
610 - giallo
102 - red
201 - green
202 - dark green
302 - light blue
303 - blue
319 - deep blue
151 - orange
413 - grey
502 - violet
507 - iris violet
113 - Casali red-clay
Other colours available on request (for minimum production batches)


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  • download Comfort Coating WS_EN
  • download Comfort Coating_EN
  • download Comfort Sealer_EN
  • download Paste EP 11_EN
  • download Pitlinea_EN
  • download Protector G 13_EN
  • download Spormat_EN

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