Confosport VIP, Sardinia


Confosport VIP, Sardinia

One of the world's most prestigious resorts, located in one of the most beautiful areas of Sardinia, Forte Village of Santa Margherita di Pula in Cagliari province is one of the favourite summer destinations of Celebrities who, thanks to the Academies in the structure, can enjoy high level sports.

The Basketball Academy, managed by Ettore Messina, decided to construct a new acrylic resin basketball court using the Casali Confosport flooring system (class ITF 3 - Medium) and characterised by a 4 mm rubber mat (Spormat) on the deck.

The court covers an area of 270 sq m; the playing area is finished in Casali Deep Blue 319 while the outdoor area is in Casali Red-Clay 113.

The Confosport sports floor, which is one of the most versatile in the range and therefore perfect for multi-sports courts, has outstanding shock absorbing properties and thus ensures safe and comfortable playing conditions for persons of any age.