Epobase FU 14

Epobase FU 14

Two-component epoxy primer for damp decks and construction joints

Epobase FU 14 is a two-component special epoxy resin based primer; this product is used as a primer on cement decks even in very humid conditions (e.g. 7 - 10 day-old concrete casts), and ensures good adhesion. Epobase FU 14 also ensures excellent resistance to counter-thrust forming an excellent anchoring layer and vapour / humidity barrier for liquid waterproofing coverings and sport and industrial flooring coatings. Epobase FU 14 may also be used as a vapour barrier directly on ceramic and Klinker flooring after laying the resin layers. Epobase FU 14 applied through to saturation forms an excellent anchoring layer for levelling screeds to improve adhesion on the concrete.


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