Pavisint, a large family of technical surfaces


Pavisint, a large family of technical surfaces

Pavisint SL 75 is one of the earliest systems developed by Casali's Synthetic Division in the Sports Line in the 90s and is today Casali’s most popular range of indoor sports surfaces, thanks to its incredible versatility and technical characteristics that make it suitable for different types of courts including: basketball, volleyball, 5-A-Side Soccer, handball, badminton and many others.

Available in 16 beautiful colours, that may be combined in any way, the Pavisint SL 75 polyurethane family is now available in seven different versions, each designed and developed for indoor and outdoor multi-purpose courts with specific construction characteristics and technical results.

Indoor surfaces:

- Pavisint SL 75, the queen of all the surfaces in the range, combines elasticity, durability and security with non-slip and injury prevention properties, guaranteed by high quality resins and the special rubber mat Spormat;

- Pavisint SL 75 FL: specifically designed for floating floors on any type of deck;

- Pavisint SL 75 GYM: designed for gyms, fitness centres and spas, with extra thick layer of Spormat that improves playing and exercising comfort;

- Pavisint SL 75 PM: the rubber mat is cast in situ in the required thickness according to specific performance requirements;

- Pavisint SL 75 RW: for courts used for skating or wheelchair sports that require a particularly smooth and safe surface;

and highly durable waterproof outdoor surfaces:

- Pavisint SL 75 AS version: with outstanding non-slip properties for specific outdoor requirements;

- Pavisint SL 75 RB version whose surface is finished with a dusting of EPDM granules that guarantee outstanding playing comfort and security, above all for children.


Over the years Pavisint SL 75 surfaces have obtained numerous official certifications and awards. The following are particularly worthy of mention:

- FIBA approval for basketball (FIBA approved - Competition Levels 2 and 3: Pavisint SL 75 5+2 mm / Pavisint SL 75 7+2 mm / Pavisint SL 75 10+2 mm),

- Certified for Badminton: Certified in accordance with BWF Grade 1 standards: BWF International Elite

- Aena classification for Netball: AENA - category 3

- Fire resistance certification: Istituto Giordano Class 1

- Fire resistance certification: Istituto Giordano Class Bfl-s1

- Certified for the reduction of footstep noise: UNI EN ISO10140 - 3:2010 / UNI EN ISO 717 - 2:2013 - T.R. no. 313736 - 26/02/2014

- Thermal Resistance certification: UNI EN 12664:2002 - T.R. no. 290110 - 30/12/2011

- Compliant with EN 14904