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Pavisint SL 75 FL is the ideal choice for high-performance floating sports flooring that resolves all the many problems caused by decks that are not suitable for fully bonded mats caused, for example, by the absence of a vapour barrier or poor deck consistency. The rubber mat is glued on a waterproofing/stabilizing deck made of high quality compact PVC containing special glass fibres, that guarantees dimensional stability to the system and independence from the deck. The final polyurethane resin coating makes the surface elastic and perfect for most indoor sports.

EN ISO 16001-9 Certified - Indoor Air Quality - Emission test
Compliance with Minimum Environmental Criteria (MECs) - UNI EN ISO 14021:2016
FIBA approved - Competition Level 2: Pavisint SL 75 5+2 mm / Pavisint SL 75 7+2 mm / Pavisint SL 75 9+2 mm
AENA - category 3
Netball Category 3
Improvement of impact sound insulation - UNI EN ISO10140 - 3:2010 / UNI EN ISO 717 - 2:2013 - T.R. no. 313736 - 26/02/2014
EN 14904 Comply
DIN 18032 Tested
P102 - oxide red
P201 - oxide green
P208 - spring green
P209 - pale green
P302 - sky blue
P311 - dove blu
P312 - mint blue
P313 - pastel blue
P314 - bright blue
P401 - silver grey
P408 - dusty grey
P409 - iron grey
P410 - stone grey
P456 - sandy beige
P801 - ochre brown
P803 - autumn brown
Other colours available on request (for minimum production batches)


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  • download Paste EP 11_EN
  • download Pavisint Finish 90_EN
  • download Pavisint Line_EN
  • download Pavisint Sealer 45_EN
  • download Pavisint SL 75_EN
  • download Protector G 13_EN
  • download Spormat_EN

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