Safety is not a game


Safety is not a game

Safety is one of the most important requirements of a sports surface.

Users must in fact be protected under several aspects, including the biomechanical response and performance, while guaranteeing the highest possible performance that this surface offers. Another fundamental safety aspect is that the materials and raw materials used to produce the sports flooring should be non-toxic and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

That is why the priority of Casali’s Research and Development laboratories has always been the accurate control of the resins produced internally and the materials received from external suppliers (such as EPDM rubber granules for athletics tracks or ELT rubber granules for prefabricated or cast-in-situ mats), selecting only the best; thanks to these controls and strict compliance with applicable regulations, Casali Sport surfaces are considered to be the safest and most controlled surfaces on the market today. It is for all these reasons that flooring systems such as Athlon PG, used for children’s play areas, have obtained and maintained over the years, the certificate of non-toxicity from one of the highest authorities in this field, the lISG (Italian Institute for the Safety of Toys), with specific reference to the European standard EN 71-3: 2019.

Unfortunately, in recent years, unsuitable products of dubious origin are used more and more often for tracks and playgrounds. A specific case is that of EPDM used for athletics tracks that often comes from unknown or unauthorized foreign consortia. It is a well-known fact that the European market and, in particular, the Italian market are now increasingly attacked by non-European producers, that often use non-certified materials, a factor that has caused in more than one case, the potential toxicity of flooring, including flooring used by children. That is why, when laying a sports surface, we recommend paying the utmost attention to the quality and conformity certificates of the materials.


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