Sportbase 300

Sportbase 300

Three-component epoxy-cement coating in water dispersion for damp decks

Sportbase 300 is a three-component epoxy-based thixotropic coating/primer, formulated to smooth and level cement decks even when humidity is present. The product ensures excellent adhesion on all building materials and concrete structures, floors and walls, even when no vapour bar- rier is installed. The product may be painted with any cycle of low, medium and high thickness epoxy, polyurethane and epoxy-polyurethane re- sins. For this type of application please contact Casali's Technical Office for more information on the laying cycle most suited to your specific requirements. Sportbase 300 has been tested for resistance to negative counterthrust according to EN 8298 - 8; the product has no anomalies up to a pressure of 100 KPa.

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