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Casali Sportrack SC is a professional sports flooring system for athletic tracks used for competitions and training. This is a semi-draining type flooring system consisting of a layer that is laid on site with uniformly graded sbr rubber granules and polyurethane binder, and coloured polyurethane resin compound top layer with EPDM granules applied in several coatings by spray gun. The membrane is laid on site and is perfectly uniform and seamless; the track is specifically designed to reduce and prevent injuries, thus optimising the elastic energy return and improving performance, while ensuring a uniform dynamic response. The membrane ensures excellent performance in any weather.

World Athletics Certified - Spray Coat, porous, 13.0 mm - Synthetic surface - Casali Sportrack SC
EN ISO 16001-9 Certified - Indoor Air Quality - Emission test
Compliance with Minimum Environmental Criteria (MECs) - UNI EN ISO 14021:2016
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