The professionalism of Casali products at the Paolo Poli stadium


The professionalism of Casali products at the Paolo Poli stadium

Technical and cosmetic improvements are currently being made to the Molfetta “Paolo Poli” municipal stadium, which is undoubtedly in one of the most spectacular locations in Italy.

One of Casali's flagship products, Paste EP 11 epoxy-polyurethane glue, was used to lay the new prefabricated 6-lane athletic track; Paste EP 11 ensures outstanding performance even in the most difficult conditions such as coastal areas, where humidity tends to be very high. To glue the 5,000 square meters of prefabricated surface, Casali produced about 12,000 kg of coloured glue, 5000 kg in Casali P102 red that was used to level off the existing prefabricated surface, 2000 kg in Blue 333, 3000 kg in Blue 332 and 2000 kg in Yellow 614. All the Paste EP 11 colours are part of Casali’s standard range and were selected to highlight the different lanes; installation was carried out by Tennis Tecnica, Bari.

Supersoft Color in Grey 413 was used to finish the waterproofing of the tiers in the grandstand, which was installed with Casali’s Acryroof Plus in Grey 401, a CE certified one-component system resistant to water pooling, while the walls were treated only with the Acryroof Plus system in White 601.

The project was started in June this year and should be completed by the end of 2018.