Water Games in Cirò with Athlon 45


Water Games in Cirò with Athlon 45

With summer approaching, what can be better than a water park for real fun and enjoyment?

Punta Alice Tourist Village in Cirò Marina (Crotone, Italy) has installed a 300 sq.m. sea front water park, with water games installations finished in a mix of very bright RAL colours: yellow 1012, lilac 4005, red 3016 and green 6021.

Athlon 45 with coloured EPDM granules was used for the flooring system.

Thanks to excellent shock absorbing properties and a very low risk of slipping, Casali’s Athlon 45 polyurethane flooring is the ideal choice for children’s playgrounds.

The project was recently completed by Pan Neto International, the contractor who laid the installation.