XPadel AC is a sport flooring system designed for the Padel, consisting of a high-performance ELT recycled rubber mat and two layers of acrylic resin. The first, serving to ensure the flatness and uniformity of the surface, the second ensuring perfect grip and bounce. XPadel AC represents an ideal solution to guarantee excellent playing comfort for both competitions and amateur and training activities.

Like any resin court with rubber mat support, it is characterized by a uniform and overall elasticity of the final surface, which guarantees a high KA energy absorption capacity. The exceptional ability to reduce joint trauma and prevent injuries from sports activities normally performed on traditional artificial grass surfaces makes this padel surface truly unique.

If we add the possibility of customizing the finish in relation to the degree of slip desired, XPadel AC, like all XPadel solutions, is a very safe and high-performing solution, also ideal for upgrading old grass pitches and offering users an exciting and innovative game alternative. The wide range of colors makes the XPadel AC customizable to make each field a unique installation also in its chromatic and aesthetic dimension.

Compliant with UNE 41958 IN
EN ISO 16001-9 Certified - Indoor Air Quality - Emission test
Compliance with Minimum Environmental Criteria (MECs) - UNI EN ISO 14021:2016
Fire Resistance - class Bfl-s1
102 - red
201 - green
202 - dark green
302 - light blue
303 - blue
319 - deep blue
151 - orange
413 - grey
502 - violet
113 - Casali red-clay


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  • download Casali Sport_XPADEL system_depliant
  • download Paste EP 11_EN
  • download Pitlinea_EN
  • download XPadel AC200_EN
  • download XPadel Mat_EN

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