You can tell the quality of a sports surface even by the colour.


You can tell the quality of a sports surface even by the colour.

Let's start with a fact: CASALI SPORT resins are always mass-coloured, in other words they are produced right from the start in the required colour, rather than adding pigments to neutral resins, as many other manufacturers do.

The technique of mass colouring not only makes the colour more intense and bright, but also improves the resistance and stability of the colour meaning that the colour will not change or fade in time; and all this improves the quality of the acrylic resins used for sports floors.

Unfortunately, the industrial need to reduce production costs, above all in the case of large multinationals, mean that many producers standardise their manufacturing processes, opting for neutral resins that are then coloured with a tintometer (just like a paint) when the customer's order is received; the use of this process, namely the tintometer, also physiologically generates colour differences due to the precision limitations of the scale. This choice, that is often made both to eliminate the “colour scraps” typical of mass colouring (above all in the case of different colours), and reduce the number of production lines needed to diversify the coloured mixes, does however also considerably reduce the quality and durability of sports surfaces made with resins produced with this process.

There is nothing new about the fact that when making its industrial choices CASALI SPORT has always focused on the technical quality and performance of the product, often sacrificing the advantages it would enjoy with standardisation; it is indeed thanks to these choices however that our brand continues to be so very successful, perfectly satisfying the expectations of those who prefer us over others.